Bitumen bag DECANTER


Bitumen Bag Decanter

Bitumen bag decanter (big bag bitumen melting plant; It heats the bitumen brought to the asphalt construction site in big bag sacks in solid form and brings it into liquid form by heating it to a certain temperature.
The big bag bitumen is lifted with the help of a crane located on the facility. The bottom part of the removed sack is cut and the bitumen inside is transferred into the bitumen bag decanter. Bitumen is made fluid by heating it by means of hot oil heated serpentines in the facility. The liquid bitumen is transferred to the bitumen stock tanks and becomes ready for use in these tanks.

Bitumen Bag Decanter Specifications

  • It has a bitumen melting capacity of 5-10 tons/hour.
  • Easy filling is done with the help of electric winch.
  • It provides fast filling opportunity with the hot oil heated superheaters in the filling chamber.
  • High density thermal insulation saves energy.
  • Thanks to the bitumen storage chamber, uninterrupted bitumen melting is carried out.
  • The bitumen, which turns into liquid form in the bitumen storage tank, is transferred to the bitumen tanks with the bitumen pumping station located above the facility.
  • There is a float system in the bitumen storage chamber to prevent overflows.
  • Bitumen transfer can be done automatically or manually by controlling the temperature of the bitumen in the bitumen storage chamber.
  • It has a design that the operator can easily use.
Big bag bitumen melting plant; Hot oil boiler, bitumen tank and their installations can be manufactured by MBA on a turnkey basis.

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