Suitable for 80-320 tph asphalt plant

Asphalt Plant Dust Filter

Asphalt plant dust filters are equipment that filters stone dust through bags and allows it to be used in hot asphalt production. It is of great importance to prevent the release of harmful dust into the environment. It provides performance that meets the requirements of the EU air control regulation.


MBA asphalt plant dust filter is produced as dry type and reverse air flow. The fillers inside the aggregate resulting from the drying and heating process in the dryer are used to filter dust and waste gases.

The asphalt plant dust filter also ensures healthy combustion in the dryer. The healthy combustion means healthy asphalt production and low fuel consumption.


In the MBA asphalt plant filter, the vacuum fan is controlled by the drive module, which reduces your electricity consumption and makes the burner combustion performance efficient.


MBA uses metaaramid bag fabric in its asphalt plant dust filter. Metaaramid bag fabric can withstand temperatures of 220*C and provides high performance in terms of abrasion. This is among the important factors that extend the life of the bag.


Mba, asphalt plant filter provides filtration of coarse filler dust with the help of a front separator. The front separator reduces the temperature of the air going to the filter bags and ensures that the filter bags are not exposed to high temperatures. It also provides high performance by increasing filter efficiency by 30%.

Mineral filler dust collected in the asphalt plant filter is collected in a bunker under the filter. The mineral filler dust collected in the bunker is sent to the filler elevator through screws. Mineral fillers are transferred from the filler elevator to the filler scale, where they are weighed according to the recipe and used in the hot asphalt mixture. Mineral fillers are used as binders in the mixture.


MBA, flattening of the bags in the asphalt plant dust filter is prevented by cages. Wire cages are produced with a galvanized coating to prevent corrosion caused by nitrogen oxide. Bags and cages are assembled to be easily replaced.


Insulation is provided to the asphalt plant dust filter body to prevent sudden temperature changes and the filler dust from moistening and muddying the filter. Insulation made with high density stone wool minimizes temperature changes. The insulation is covered with painted trapezoidal sheet metal to prevent the rock wool from losing its properties due to climatic conditions.

By measuring the temperature at the inlet and outlet of the MBA asphalt plant dust filter, it ensures that the filter is not exposed to sudden high temperatures and that moisture does not form in the chimney. In addition, vacuum values ​​are read instantly and filtration efficiency is monitored.


MBA, asphalt plant dust filter automatically cleans the filter bags for a certain period of time when your hot asphalt production is finished at the end of the day, and the fillers empty the collection bunker. This prevents the filters from hardening in the filter and shortening your bag life during your next work.


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