Thermal Oil Boiler

Thermal oil boiler is used for heating bitumen and bitumen installations in the asphalt industry. The working system is simply heating the thermal oil heated by the burner by means of the oil pump.


MBA produces thermal oil boilers with capacities of 250.000-2.000.000 kcal/hour. The capacity of the hot oil boiler is determined on the basis of the amount of bitumen to be stored and conditions such as climate.

MBA Hot Oil Boiler Features

  • Heat resistant, high quality fan cooled hot oil boiler pump
  • Burner has a high combustion efficiency and international quality certificates
  • Ability to work with liquid or gas fuel
  • Control system that ensures that pressure and temperature remain within the desired value ranges
  • Analog measurement feature of hot oil flow temperature
  • A control panel suitable for heavy conditions that provides operational control and safety of the hot oil boiler
  • An imbisate and degaser tank that evacuates the expansion and air bubbles formed during thermal oil filling or heating of the oil
  • A safety system that turns off the burner when it goes outside the safe operating values and sets an alarm
  • Hot oil boiler body insulation that reduces heat loss to a minimum
  • Heat-resistant insulation concrete on the front and back cover
  • Thermal oil filter that prevents damage to the hot oil pump due to residues
  • Heat resistant hot oil valves
  • The front cover can be opened for ease of maintenance.
MBA manufactures thermal oil boilers that work with high efficiency. After the installation, commissioning and training are completed, the MBA hot oil boiler is under our warranty for 2 years.
Together with the thermal oil boiler, we manufacture turnkey bitumen storage units by providing bitumen tank, bitumen pumping stations and installation services according to your needs.

Thermal Oil Boiler Equipment

Expansion Tank

An expansion tank is an equipment in which thermal oil is stored together with its expansion by heating and the air in the installation is released into the atmosphere. When the thermal oil is filled, the expansion tank should be filled by 1/3. The expansion tank diameter of the thermal oil boiler should be selected as small as possible, and the oil inside the tank should be designed so that it does not exceed 60 degrees Celsius. There are minimum and maximum oil level sensors on the expansion tank.

Hot Oil Boiler Pump

The hot oil boiler pump is used for the circulation of the thermal oil contained in the system. Since the system works at high temperatures, it has a cast steel body and an air cooling system. During oil filling, the oil pump should not be started until the pump body is manually filled with thermal oil first. In addition, the thermal oil pump should stop working together with the burner in case of low and high pressure.

Hot Oil Valve

The hot oil valve located on the system is made of cast steel to withstand the temperature of the system. Copper or copper alloy valves should not be used. Hot oil valves are selected in flanged type for easy change. It also allows easy replacement of other equipment without oil leakage.


The filter prevents damage to the pump by keeping the solid particles in the hot oil. The filter is cleaned at regular intervals to prevent pressure drops in the system. Filter size is selected according to the capacity of the thermal oil boiler.

Pipe and Connection Equipment

Because the thermal oil boiler operates at high temperatures, steel pipes and connecting equipment should be selected, and steel drawing pipes are usually used. Air evacuation pipes should be placed at the highest points in the hot oil line. All connection equipment must be of the flanged type. Hot oil pipes should be insulated with rock wool and protected by coating with aluminum or galvanized sheet.

Hot oil boiler safety equipment

In terms of safety and control, the thermal oil boiler must have the following equipment.

  • Burner control thermostat
  • Maximum temperature thermostat
  • The differential prosestat or flow switch deactivates the burner when the oil circulation slows down or the lubrication pump is disabled.
  • Expansion tank minimum oil level lock: Stops the burner, triggers the alarm.

Thermal Oil Boiler Photos

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The thermal oil level can be monitored from the expansion tank. If the thermal oil level suddenly drops in the hot oil boiler, the first thing to check is for oil leaks. Once an oil leak is found, you can proceed with the oil refilling process. The oil refilling process should be done after the system has cooled down.

The most common issue encountered with burners is fuel-related ignition problems. Ensure that fuel is reaching your burner. Regularly clean your fuel filter and burner nozzles.

When you receive a high-pressure warning in the oil boiler, the system will shut down. Ensure that your oil supply and return valves are open and check your hot oil filter.

MBA hot oil boilers are covered by a 2-year warranty after commissioning. Additionally, a 10-year spare parts warranty and 24/7 service are provided.

An operator with experience in running hot oil boilers and certified in this field is sufficient to operate the boiler.



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