250-600 ton/hour wet mix production range

Cold Mix Production Plant

Cold Mix Production Plant is the facility that produces the wet mix material used in the infrastructure of the road. Wet mix material (wmm) is poured onto the ground before hot asphalt application and tightened, allowing a solid asphalt application. It is used in dam, railway, airport and road projects. The cold mix production plant can be produced in mobile or fixed type.

Cold Mix Plant Features

- Wet mix macadam production in the capacity range of 400-600 tons/hour.

- Aggregate bin capacity between 5 and 20 m3.

- Grid system that prevents large diameter aggregates from entering the bunker.

- Bin body structure and vibromotor system that facilitates aggregate flow.

- Speed-controlled dosing conveyors that provide aggregate feeding according to the recipe.

- Double shaft mixer design providing perfect mixing.

- Wear plates resistant to hard aggregate types such as granite and basalt

- Continuous production possibility with wet mix macadam stock bunker up to 20 m3.

- Unlimited recipe recording and production data storage feature with PLC system (Optional)

- Excellent quality, fully controlled production of wet mix macadam, with cement production and emulsion cold asphalt mixtures

- Wet mix macadam plant design that allows you to produce different mixtures with cement, recycled asphalt, bitumen emulsion, foam bitumen

- Ease of transportation with container design



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