5-10 TPH Bitumen Melting Capacity

Bitumen Drum Decanter

Bitumen Drum Decanter or Drum bitumen melting plant is the facility that liquefies the bitumen coming to the asphalt construction site solid in barrels.


Bitumen Drum Decanter draws the hot oil heated serpentines within the melting periods. The drums are pushed into the installation via hydraulic caps. The drum slide on metal skids located within the enclosures, ejecting the bitumen evacuated around the drum melting enclosures. In this way, the facility continues the bitumen melting and discharging process as its surroundings.


  • Bitumen melting capacity of 5-10 tons per hour;
  • Possibility of filling 24-48 drums;
  • Energy savings are achieved thanks to high-density insulation;
  • Efficient operation of the system is ensured with the molten bitumen storage reservoir located under the facility;
  • Hydraulic lifting covers allow easy and fast loading of drums to the facility;
  • There is a separate heating system for each chamber in the facility;
  • It is designed to be carried easily;
  • There is a bitumen pumping station on the facility to transfer the melted bitumen to the service tanks;
  • The temperature in the bitumen warehouse of the bitumen drum decanter can be monitored. According to this temperature, pumping to the bitumen tanks can be done automatically;
  • There is a maximum level float in the molten bitumen tank to prevent bitumen overflow;

It is designed to be used easily by the operator.

Along with the bitumen drum decanter, the thermal oil boiler, the bitumen tank and the installation and commissioning of these equipment are carried out by MBA on a turnkey basis.




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