Bitumen tanks are equipment equipped with heating systems designed for the storage, heating, transfer, and utilization of bitumen, commonly used in asphalt production, road construction, and other construction projects to ensure the safe and efficient use of bitumen.


The basic types of bitumen tanks include vertical and horizontal types. Vertical bitumen tanks are preferred for construction companies with limited space on the construction site.


The heating system in bitumen tanks can be provided in two ways: hot oil-heated bitumen tanks and electrically heated bitumen tanks.


Hot oil-heated bitumen tanks contain bundles of pipes called serpentine inside. Heated thermal oil circulates through these bundles of pipes, heating the bitumen up to the range of 130-190 degrees Celsius. Thermal oil is heated through a hot oil boiler.


Electrically heated bitumen tanks are equipped with electric exchangers. Electric heaters heat the bitumen to a certain temperature and then shut down.

The fundamental features of bitumen tanks include:

Storage: Bitumen tanks are designed to store large quantities of bitumen. They can be manufactured with capacities ranging from 40 tons to 5000 tons. The design is tailored based on the project's scale and on-site conditions.


Heating Systems: Bitumen is a viscous liquid and can be used within a specific temperature range. Therefore, bitumen tanks, equipped with heating systems, can maintain the bitumen at the optimum temperature, ensuring its usability. Heating in bitumen tanks can be provided by hot oil boilers and electric resistors.


Transfer and Discharge Systems: Bitumen is transferred from refineries to various locations and discharged for use. Bitumen tanks, along with specialized equipment such as bitumen pumping and discharge systems, facilitate these transfer and discharge processes.


Material and Insulation: Bitumen tanks are constructed from steel. Additionally, to enhance resistance to environmental effects, corrosion, and other external factors, they are coated with insulation materials.


Bitumen Level Measurement: Level measurement in bitumen tanks is crucial. Mechanical float systems or electronic level indicators are employed to prevent overflow and monitor the bitumen level in tanks. When radar-type or pressure gauge level sensors are used for bitumen level measurement, the bitumen pumping system can be fully automated.




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