5-20 tph bitumen emulsion production

Bitumen Emulsion Plant

Bitumen emulsion plant; It is the facility that produces bitumen emulsion by mixing solution (water, emulsifier, acid mixture) and bitumen homogeneously in certain proportions.


Bitumen emulsions are divided into anionic and cationic emulsions. Anionic emulsions are generally used for insulation and insulation purposes in the construction industry. Cationic bitumen emulsions are used for asphalt road construction or surface coating on rural roads. Bitumen emulsions are preferred because it can be applied more economically and at lower temperatures than other applications.

Bitumen Emulsion Plant Technical Specifications

- Bitumen emulsion production capacity in the range of 5-20 tons/hour

- Bitumen emulsion plant production with hot oil heating system or electrical heated system

- High quality homogenizer mill with gap adjustment feature

- Double inlet mill design that prevents the bitumen emulsion from foaming

- Stainless steel solution tank providing homogeneous mixing

- High precision, stainless steel acid and emulsifier weighing unit

- High precision production by dosing bitumen and solution via flow meter

- Easy to carry, single-chassis design

- PLC control system with touch screen on the control panel.

- Automatic dosing feature with PID controlled pumps

- Recipe saving feature for easy use

- User-friendly software interface and multilingual usage


Bitumen emulsion plants can be produced in container type as well as in stationary or mobile type. Along with the bitumen emulsion plant, there may be a need for a bitumen service tank, bitumen emulsion stock tank and a thermal oil boiler. Turnkey offer is offered with these equipments.



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