Cellulosic Fiber Additive Unit

Cellulosic Fiber Additive Unit

Cellulosic fiber additive unit is used for stone mastic asphalt production in asphalt plant. Stone mastic asphalt ensures that asphalt roads can withstand harsh climatic conditions and high contact pressure. It is used as an asphalt wearing layer in bridges, airports and areas with high traffic density. It is a long-lasting hot asphalt type that absorbs ruts.


It has a cellulosic fiber dosing unit, cellulosic fiber bin, transfer screw conveyor, cellulosic fiber weighing unit, blower and a piping system that enables the transportation of cellulosic fiber to the mixer floor. In the cellulosic fiber dosing unit, the product weighed for each batch is sent to the mixer and stone mastic asphalt is produced.


MBA cellulosic fiber dosing unit provides customer satisfaction with its portable design in a single chassis, sensitive weighing system, fast assembly opportunity and mountable structure on any brand of asphalt plant.



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