Asphalt Plant Mixer

80-320 tph capacity

Asphalt Plant Mixer

Asphalt plant mixers are homogeneously mixes the aggregate, bitumen and filler powder discharged in dosage or weighed form. In batch type asphalt plants, this mixing takes place in approximately 40 seconds. It is one of the most important units of the asphalt plant. Hot asphalt production is completed in the mixer.


Asphalt plant mixers are produced in the capacity range of 80-320 tons/hour. To ensure perfect mixing, arms and shoes are designed with special geometry. Other important points in the asphalt plant mixer are the correct speed and power selection, the quality of the arm and shoe castings, the synchronous operation of the shafts and the leak-proof structure of the discharge cover.

Asphalt plant mixer features

Mixer Production at Every Capacity

- Mixing capacity from 1000 kg to 4000 kg


Maximum Performance in Heavy Conditions

- Double shaft design made of heat and wear resistant 4140 steel

- Synchronized reducers suitable for heavy working conditions

- Cast arms and paddles that provide high performance even in hard aggregate

- Soft starter system that prevents the reducer and motor from being damaged at first start-up

- Cover heating system that prevents bitumen from sticking


High Quality Hot Asphalt Production

- Special arm and paddles design providing homogeneous mixture

- Suitability for the production of hot asphalt containing additives (modified asphalt, stone mastic asphalt, etc.)


Special Mixer Manufacturing for Your Plant

- We produce higher performance asphalt plant mixers in accordance with the technical values ​​of your old mixer.


Easy Maintenance

- Fast replacement of spare parts with bolted wear parts.



- 2 years asphalt plant mixer warranty.



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