Asphalt Plent Dryer heats the aggregate to a certain temperature by removing the moisture in the aggregate after dosing the aggregate in the asphalt plant.


MBA asphalt plant dryer provides long-lasting use and energy efficiency with its prominent quality differences. MBA asphalt plant dryer, which uses a special body material that is resistant to heat and abrasion, offers long-lasting use.

MBA asphalt plant dryer provides fuel savings with its specially designed inner wings and maximum heat transfer surface. Having a bolted connection to the dryer inner flights provides ease of maintenance.


MBA asphalt plant dryer has steel forged rings and is weldless. It is delivered to our customers with quality certificates.


There is a pre-combustion chamber that ensures direct contact of the dryer with the aggregate and therefore efficient combustion of the burner.

The drive system with four reducer motors and a soft starter provides starting even when the dryer is filled with aggregate.


It provides trouble-free operation with its high quality burner. It offers the option of operating on liquid or gas fuel. The dryer burner automatically adjusts the flame length according to the exit temperature of the aggregate.


MBA asphalt plant dryer is insulated with rock wool and covered with stainless steel sheet to minimize heat losses.


It shows high performance under load with its heavy-duty bearings and heat-treated drums.


There are two types of asphalt plant dryers. These are parallel flow (drummix) and counter flow (batchmix) dryers. In Drummix dryers, the burner is located in the aggregate feeding section of the dryer. There is a bitumen spraying section at the exit point and the hot asphalt mixture is located inside the dryer. Mixing is not done in counter flow (batchmix) dryers.



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