Asphalt plant maintenance is done by replacing parts of asphalt plants, which wear out over time, component replacement and asphalt plant spare parts supply at the construction site.


With the production of hot asphalt in asphalt plants, the wearing parts, mechanical systems, automation and electrical systems that the aggregate comes into contact with begin to lose their properties over time. Asphalt plant requires periodic maintenance. Parts that are not maintained at regular intervals cause malfunctions and stop the hot asphalt production of the plant.


MBA serves its customers with long years of experience in asphalt plant spare parts, asphalt plant equipment production, asphalt plant maintenance.



  • Cold aggregate bin manufacturing;
  • Vibromotor sales;
  • Dosing conveyor manufacturing and conveyor belt supply;
  • Aggregate conveyor manufacturing and conveyor belt supply;
  • Conveyor roller, bearing and drum manufacturing;
  • Dryer manufacturing, dryer ring and pulley manufacturing;
  • Dryer inner flights manufacturing;
  • Dryer burner maintenance and burner replacement;
  • Bag house manufacturing, filter bag manufacturing, filter cassette manufacturing;
  • Filler screw conveyor manufacturing;
  • Hot aggregate elevator manufacturing, hot elevator maintenance;
  • Aggregate elevator bucket and chain replacement;
  • Screen meshes manufacturing and replacement;
  • Hot aggregate bin level sensor and piston replacement;
  • Bitumen, filler and aggregate scale loadcell supply;
  • Manufacturing and replacement of mixer wear plates and mixer arms, paddles;
  • Bitumen tank manufacturing;
  • Bitumen pump supply and replacement;
  • Bitumen valve supply and replacement;
  • Hot oil boiler manufacturing and thermal oil boiler maintenance;
  • Supply of thermal oil pump;
  • Manufacturing of bitumen and thermal oil piping;
  • Flexible hose supply for bitumen discharge and thermal oil piping;
  • Filler silo manufacturing;
  • Production of skip system ready asphalt storage bunker;
  • Asphalt plant gearbox, motor and coupling replacement;
  • Asphalt plant software and automation renewal;
  • Asphalt plant fully revision and maintenance;
  • We provide asphalt plant transportation service.
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