Electrical Heated Bitumen Tank

Electrically heated bitumen tanks are storage tanks designed for the storage and processing of bitumen, featuring heating systems powered by electricity. These tanks maintain the bitumen at a specific temperature, reducing its viscosity during storage, and enabling usage with low emission values. They can be produced in vertical or horizontal types.


Key Features and Functions:


  1. Electric Resistors: Electric resistors placed inside the tank heat the bitumen, maintaining it within the desired temperature range.

  2. Thermostat and Control Systems: Electrically heated bitumen tanks are typically equipped with thermostats and control systems. These systems continuously monitor the temperature inside the tank and activate or deactivate the heating system when the set values are reached.
  3. Capacity: These tanks are usually designed to store bitumen in the range of 30-100 tons. They are not preferred for larger capacities.

  4. Filling and Discharging Systems: Electrically heated bitumen tanks provide automatic bitumen filling and discharging through their electronic level indicators.

  5. Insulation: Tanks with effective insulation systems minimize heat loss, enhancing energy efficiency.


Electrically heated bitumen tanks offer a controlled and energy-efficient solution for the storage and utilization of bitumen, especially in applications where precise temperature control is essential.


  1. Temperature Control: Electrically heated systems ensure that bitumen is maintained at the desired temperature, facilitating easier processing and supporting the production of high-quality asphalt.

  2. Efficiency: Keeping bitumen at a constant temperature after heating provides benefits in terms of energy efficiency. This results in continuous operation and lower energy consumption.

  3. Environmentally Friendly: Electric heating is generally considered an environmentally friendly option compared to other heating methods. By eliminating fuel usage, it reduces emissions and minimizes environmental impact.

Electrically heated bitumen tanks are widely used in the modern construction industry as a reliable, effective, and environmentally friendly solution for bitumen storage and processing. These advantages contribute to sustainable construction practices while enhancing energy efficiency.



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