How does a bitumen emulsion plant work?

A bitumen emulsion plant produces bitumen emulsion by homogeneously mixing bitumen, water, an emulsifier, and acid in specific proportions.


In a bitumen emulsion plant, there are bitumen tanks, solution tanks, acid and emulsifier scales, bitumen pumps, solution pumps, and colloid mills.


The bitumen emulsion plant is equipped with software. A recipe for the desired type of bitumen emulsion is entered into this software.


  • The emulsifier and acid are pumped into the emulsifier and acid scales.
  • Water is pumped into the solution tank.
  • The water is heated to approximately 50°C using heaters located in the tank.
  • The acid and emulsifier are discharged into the solution tank according to the amounts specified in the recipe, and the mixture is stirred for a specific period to form the solution.
  • Bitumen heated to approximately 140°C in the bitumen tank and the water, emulsifier, and acid solution prepared in the solution tank are dosed into the colloid mill according to the recipe and processed in the mill. Bitumen is used in the range of 40-70%.
  • The dosing of bitumen and solution is carried out through PID control between flow meters and pumps.
  • The bitumen solution mixture, homogenized between the rotor and stator in the mill, is pumped into the bitumen emulsion storage tanks as bitumen emulsion at approximately 90°C.
  • Stirring devices are usually present in the storage tanks to prevent the bitumen emulsion from settling.

For Efficient Operation of a Bitumen Emulsion Plant:

- The solution tank, emulsifier, and acid tank should be manufactured to be resistant to wear and corrosion.
- Flow meters should be used for precise dosing.
- The rotor-stator gap of the colloid mill should be adjustable.
- The final product, bitumen emulsion, should not be produced at temperatures above 95°C. At higher temperatures, water will transition to a gas phase, causing the bitumen emulsion to deteriorate.
- It is also important that the plant is operated by an experienced operator in bitumen emulsion production.

Bitumen Emulsion Plant

5-15 tons/hour bitumen emulsion production capacity



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