What is bitumen melting plant ?

The bitumen melting plant is a facility where solid bitumen, the raw material for roads, is melted to a liquid state and stored in bitumen service tanks through pumps. Bitumen is exported by some countries, and due to energy costs, it cannot undergo a heating process during transportation. Below a certain temperature, bitumen transitions from a liquid to a solid state. The solid bitumen, sent in big bags or barrels, is heated through the bitumen melting plant, transforming it into a liquid state and making it ready for use.


MBA produces bitumen melting plants suitable for use with bitumen in barrels or big bags.

Bitumen Melting Plants: Key Role in Bitumen Supply


Road construction holds critical importance for the infrastructure development of modern societies, and the preparation, processing, and application of materials used in these projects require great precision. In this context, bitumen melting plants play a crucial role in making bitumen usable for road construction. Plants with the capability to melt up to 15 tons of bitumen per hour facilitate the supply of bitumen to asphalt plants and equipment for asphalt production.


Key Functions of Bitumen Melting Plants


Bitumen melting plants are facilities that heat raw bitumen to make it suitable for use. In these plants, raw bitumen is melted at high temperatures and then transported to bitumen tanks, making it ready for use. Bitumen melting plants generally consist of the following main components:


  1. Melting Unit: The main unit where raw bitumen is melted at high temperatures. This unit reduces the viscosity of bitumen, making it processable.

  2. Crane or Hydraulic Lid: Bitumen brought to the construction site in big bags is transferred to the melting unit using a crane. Bitumen brought in barrels to the construction site is transferred into the melting unit through a hydraulic lid and melted there.

  3. Storage Tanks: After processing, bitumen is directed to bitumen storage tanks. These tanks include a storage and control process where bitumen waits until it reaches the desired specifications.

  4. Control Panel and Automation Systems: The facility is usually equipped with a control panel and automation systems. These systems are used to monitor, control, and optimize the operation of the plant.


Sustainable Road Construction


Bitumen melting plants represent a crucial component for sustainable road construction. These plants efficiently melt bitumen, making it ready for use. Therefore, the plant plays a significant role in road constructions by ensuring the rapid preparation of bitumen for usage.



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