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Many countries meet their bitumen needs through exports. Bitumen is purchased by all ships in liquid or frozen form, in barrels or big bags. The bitumen decanter heats the frozen bitumen transferred so that it can be reused.

For Libya, upon the request of our customer, we produced a 15 ton/hour big bag bitumen decanter, two pieces 40 m3 bitumen tanks and a 1,000,000 kcal/hour thermal oil boiler. The bitumen melting plant project, whose factory production was carried out in approximately 45 days, successfully reached the target construction site.

The bitumen melting plant, whose foundation and concrete operations are completed, will be put into operation after the bitumen tanks, hot oil boiler and its installations are completed.

Unlike other bitumen decanter, heating in our project will be carried out with burners. The two burners on the bitumen melting plant will provide faster heating, making a difference for our customers both in terms of time and cost.

MBA helps its customers provide the highest performance solution in the most economical way by making project-based evaluations.



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