Bitumen storage facility was

put into operation !

Bitumen storage facilities, asphalt plants and bitumen sellers are crucial sites for various industries. Bitumen, transported in heated mobile tanks is transferred to storage tanks via bitumen pumps. In these tanks, bitumen is heated through a thermal oil boiler making it ready for service or asphalt production.

MBA commissioned bitumen tanks, bitumen emulsion tanks and a thermal oil boiler for a company in Türkiye that produces anionic bitumen emulsion and bitumen membrane for insulation. The bitumen emulsion tank which is designed in a horizontal type with three agitator. Two 50-ton capacity bitumen tanks received top marks from our customer for their rapid heating capability and high-quality insulation.

The 500,000 kcal/hour capacity thermal oil boiler with fuel oil was operated with high efficiency and reliability. The system is equipped with low and high-pressure pressure prosestats, lower and upper oil level switches and temperature controls providing fully automated and safe operation.

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