Mobile Bitumen Tank

Mobile bitumen tanks are portable and mobile storage systems designed for the transportation, storage, and utilization of bitumen. They are preferred for their ease of portability. Mobile bitumen tanks, which can be towed by a truck, are equipped with a heating system using hot oil or a burner. They can be manufactured together with a hot oil boiler on the same chassis. Pumping stations and valves can be installed on the tank chassis. With brakes and signaling systems, they are roadworthy and can travel in traffic.


In addition, mobile bitumen tanks can be sold together with mobile asphalt plants. This allows for the rapid completion of plant installation and bitumen service system assembly.



  1. Flexibility: Mobile bitumen tanks can be quickly transported for use in different projects, providing flexibility for various applications.

  2. Rapid Installation: After being brought to the site, mobile bitumen tanks can be swiftly set up and made ready for use.

  3. Continuous Supply: Mobile tanks ensure a continuous supply of bitumen, allowing uninterrupted work on road projects.

  4. Cost Reduction: The portability allows for the same tank to be used across different projects, reducing costs compared to acquiring separate tanks.


Mobile bitumen tanks are typically an ideal solution for asphalt production, road construction projects, and other portable applications. These advantages enable quick transitions between projects, maintaining a constant supply, and reducing overall expenses.



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