Oil Heated Bitumen Tank

Hot oil heated bitumen tanks heat bitumen through thermal oil, which is heated by a hot oil boiler. Circulation of the heated thermal oil is carried out within the bundle of pipes inside the bitumen tank.


This type of bitumen tank is the most widely used in the construction sector. These tanks can be produced in horizontal and vertical types. Additionally, they are suitable for the storage of modified bitumen and bitumen emulsion. Stirrers are present in tanks for modified bitumen and bitumen emulsion.

The total surface area of the bundle of pipes used for heating in bitumen tanks and the quality of the pipes are crucial for heating speed.


  1. Design Options: Both horizontal and vertical design options are available, providing flexibility to suit the requirements of the project.

  2. Capacity: Bitumen tanks with capacities ranging from 40 to 80 tons are manufactured, offering versatility for different projects.

  3. Serpentine Manufacturing: Serpentine made from drawn steel tubes are designed for efficient heat transfer.

  4. High-Density Rock Wool Insulation: High-density rock wool insulation is used to minimize heat loss.

  5. Leakage Test: A leakage test is conducted after manufacturing to ensure quality control.

  6. Level Measurement: A level sensor is used for analog level measurement, ensuring reliable bitumen level control.

  7. Custom Design Option: Custom design options are available to meet the storage needs of modified bitumen or bitumen emulsion.

  8. Automation for Temperature Adjustment Option: An option for adjusting bitumen temperature via automation enhances operational ease.

  9. Bitumen Temperature Measurement: Bitumen temperature can be measured using both analog and manual thermometers.

These features enable the bitumen tank to be used reliably and effectively for various needs.



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