What is a Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) ?

What is a polymer modified bitumen ?

Polymer modified bitumen (PMB) is a type of bitumen binder obtained by mixing polymer and bitumen through a colloidal mill. It used as a wearing layer on asphalt to prevent deformation under heavy traffic load or on roads where heavy vehicles pass intensively.


It use polymers such as SBS, Latex and SBR for the modification of bitumen. Modified bitumen is produced with SBS widely throughout the world. In the production of polymer modified bitumen, the type of modification depends on the polymer material to be used.


If bitumen modification is to be carried out with SBS, polymer modified bitumen plant (pmbp) should be used. If bitumen is to be modified using latex, modified bitumen can be obtained by pouring latex into the mixed bitumen tank and mixing for a certain period of time.


In addition, bitumen emulsions can also be modified. For this purpose, latex is generally added to the bitumen emulsion to obtain polymer modified bitumen emulsion (pmbe).


Modified bitumen produced in the modified bitumen plant is pumped into modified bitumen tanks where it is mixed for a certain period of time and ready for use. Modified asphalt is produced by entering the required recipe for the asphalt wear layer in the asphalt plant.



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