What is Asphalt Plant ?

What is Asphalt Plant ?

The factory that produces hot asphalt by weighing aggregate, bitumen and mineral fillers and mixing it with accordance to recipe ratios is called asphalt plant. Hot asphalt is the most used road pavement in the world. The reason is resistant to climatic conditions and abrasion caused by traffic. Hot asphalt is used on the highway, city roads, parks and airports.

The asphalt plant can be produced in various capacities according to the amount of hot asphalt required for the road construction. It is generally produced in such a way that hot asphalt production can be realized between 80-320 tons per hour.

The 80 tons/hour asphalt plant is used in small-sized road projects and asphalt patching. 120 tons/hour and 160 tons/hour asphalt plant are used for medium-sized road projects and, generally, by construction companies that want to buy asphalt plants prefer these capacities. 240 tons/hour and 320 tons/hour asphalt plant are used in large-scale road projects. Asphalt plant capacity selection is an important issue. Buying a larger capacity asphalt plant than you need will result in more energy costs. As a result, your hot asphalt production cost will be increased. In addition, according to your hot asphalt production capacity, you must have enough trucks, paver and asphalt paving team. Choosing an asphalt plant capacity that is smaller than your need will result in loss of time and money in your road project process.


Asphalt plant can be produced as mobile, so stationary. Mobile asphalt plants are mostly preferred for small and medium-sized projects. Mobile asphalt plant installation takes less time in assembly and commissioning stages compared to stationary asphalt plant.


Asphalt plant is manufactured in two types: batch type and continuous type asphalt plant. The most important differences that distinguish batch type asphalt plants from continuous type asphalt plants are that it has vibrating screen (sieve) and weighing units. While batch type asphalt plant is preferred in some countries, continuous type asphalt plant is preferred in others. For this reason, it would be correct to provide information about the country and the project details while purchasing an asphalt plant in order to make an easy choice.


Asphalt plant has many equipments. These are cold aggregate bins, dosage conveyors, aggregate collecting conveyors, dryer, bag house (filter), hot aggregate elevator, filler elevator, vibrating screen, hot aggregate hopper, mixer, weighing units and hot asphalt storage bin, bitumen tanks, thermal oil boiler and asphalt plant automation unit. Each asphalt plant unit varies depending on the type of aggregate you will use, the type of hot asphalt and how many types of hot asphalt you will produce.


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