What is Bitumen Tank ?

What is Bitumen Tank ?

Bitumen tank is the equipment which prepares or stock the bitumen for use in asphalt plant.


Bitumen tanks are used in asphalt production sites, refineries, bitumen distribution facilities, bitumen emulsion production facilities.


Bitumen tank is made of steel body. The steel body is covered with rock wool for heat insulation. Stone wool, on the other hand, is covered with coating materials such as aluminum or galvanized steel.

Bitumen tanks can be manufactured in horizontal or vertical types. Vertical bitumen tanks are generally preferred in large scale bitumen stock tanks or when there is not enough space on the asphalt production site. Since horizontal bitumen tanks has a thermal oil heated system, its more advantageous in terms of rapid heating since the heating surface area is larger than of the vertical bitumen tank.


Bitumen tanks has a heating system because bitumen goes into solid phase below a certain temperature. Bitumen tanks can be heated with a burner, hot oil system or electrical resistances. The heating system is selected according to the location of the asphalt plant site and the demands of the customer. In recent years, electrically heated bitumen tanks have started to be preferred more in terms of environmental friendliness.


The bitumen tank is used together with other equipment besides. Thermal oil boiler is designed together with bitumen filling pumping station, bitumen discharge pumping station, bitumen system and hot oil system.


Bitumen tank can be manufactured with agitator depending on the purpose of use. Tanks such as bitumen emulsion stock tanks and modified bitumen stock tanks are manufactured with agitator. In addition, these tanks has a control panel for the motors.


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