What is Macadam ?

What is macadam road?

Macadam road is prepared by mixing at least three different fractions of crushed and screened aggregates, which have undergone the crushing and screening stages, in the construction of the plant-mixed base layer for asphalt road material. These aggregates are mixed with water in the mechanical plant according to the proportions specified in the recipe.


Macadam road can also be produced with cement or bitumen emulsion. The application of this cement or bitumen emulsion-based maacdam road is common in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and others.

Before Hot Asphalt Application:

Prior to the application of hot asphalt, it is essential to strengthen the ground. If the ground integrity is insufficient, the laid hot asphalt road will be susceptible to cracking and settling. Macadam mix , produced in the coldmix plant, is spread with a aggregate spreader and compacted with a roller.


The macadam material should not contain clay, silt, or foreign materials. Producing it with clean aggregates will ensure high efficiency on the road. Foreign materials like clay and silt can hinder the binding process during compaction and reduce efficiency.


The thickness of the macadam material to be laid on the road base varies depending on traffic density. Generally, the thickness ranges from 50 cm to 120 cm based on traffic density.


Coldmix asphalt plant consists of aggregate bunkers, conveyors, mixer, and plant-mixed material bunkers. Depending on the project requirements, facilities like cement silos or bitumen emulsion plants can be added to the coldmix plant project. It can operate automatically or manually. The dosing conveyors are designed with speed control. Mixer wear plates are made of Nihard4 material selected based on the abrasive aggregate type.


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