What is Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) ?

Stone mastic asphalt (SMA) is a special asphalt mixture that contains a high amount of coarse aggregate, mineral filler, bitumen, and cellulose fibers. The asphalt mixture has a high proportion of coarse aggregate, resulting in a significant void space between the aggregates. These voids are filled with fine aggregate, mineral filler, bitumen, and cellulose fibers.


Stone mastic asphalt (SMA) mixtures generally consist of approximately 70% coarse aggregate, 20% fine aggregate, 6% bitumen, and 4% filler in hot asphalt mixtures. It was first produced in Kiel, Germany, in 1960.


Increasing traffic density over time and the surface traces caused by aircraft landings at airports have made the use of stone mastic asphalt necessary. Stone mastic asphalt exhibits high performance under load.


Stone mastic asphalt is used in bridges, viaducts, and airports. It is a long-lasting type of asphalt that is resistant to wheel tracking, skidding, and provides sound insulation properties.

How is Stone Mastic Asphalt Produced?

  • Stone mastic asphalt is produced at the asphalt plant. For the production of stone mastic asphalt, a cellulose fiber additive unit is utilized, which is additionally installed in the asphalt plant.
  • The cellulose fiber, filled into the cellulose fiber additive unit is dosed into the asphalt plant mixer. During each mixing cycle, the desired amount of cellulose fiber is transfered to the asphalt plant mixer through the air.
  • In the production of stone mastic asphalt, basalt or high silica content aggregates should be used.
  • Bitumen heated to a temperature of 175-190 °C in bitumen tanks is sent to the asphalt plant mixer.
  • In the stone mastic asphalt production process, aggregates and mineral filler, sent to the mixer in the range of 175-190 °C, are mixed in the mixer for 65-80 seconds.


MBA produces cellulose fiber additive units suitable for asphalt plants of all brands and provides the necessary technical support for stone mastic asphalt production.



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