What is stone mastic asphalt (SMA) ?

What is Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) ? Stone mastic asphalt (SMA) is a special asphalt mixture that contains a high amount of coarse aggregate, mineral filler, bitumen, and cellulose fibers. The asphalt mixture has a high proportion of coarse aggregate, resulting in a significant void space between the aggregates. These voids are filled with fine […]

How is asphalt price calculated?

How is asphalt price calculated? Asphalt prices are generally composed of bitumen, aggregate, fuel, and labor costs. To determine the asphalt price, it is crucial to understand how asphalt is produced. Asphalt is typically produced by mixing 5% bitumen, 5% mineral filler, and 90% aggregate in a hot state in an asphalt plant. After calculating […]

What is bitumen melting plant?

What is bitumen melting plant ? The bitumen melting plant is a facility where solid bitumen, the raw material for roads, is melted to a liquid state and stored in bitumen service tanks through pumps. Bitumen is exported by some countries, and due to energy costs, it cannot undergo a heating process during transportation. Below […]

What is a Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB)?

What is a Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) ? What is a polymer modified bitumen ? Polymer modified bitumen (PMB) is a type of bitumen binder obtained by mixing polymer and bitumen through a colloidal mill. It used as a wearing layer on asphalt to prevent deformation under heavy traffic load or on roads where heavy […]

What is Asphalt Plant Operator?

What is Asphalt Plant Operator ? “Asphalt Plant Operator,” is responsible for carrying out the production of hot asphalt in accordance with the specified recipe at the asphalt plant. They undertake the most crucial tasks in asphalt production. What are the duties of an Asphalt Plant Operator? Producing hot asphalt mixture according to the asphalt […]

What is macadam ?

What is Macadam ? What is macadam road? Macadam road is prepared by mixing at least three different fractions of crushed and screened aggregates, which have undergone the crushing and screening stages, in the construction of the plant-mixed base layer for asphalt road material. These aggregates are mixed with water in the mechanical plant according […]

What is bitumen tank ?

What is Bitumen Tank ? What is Bitumen Tank ? Bitumen tank is the equipment which prepares or stock the bitumen for use in asphalt plant.   Bitumen tanks are used in asphalt production sites, refineries, bitumen distribution facilities, bitumen emulsion production facilities.   Bitumen tank is made of steel body. The steel body is […]

What is Asphalt Plant ?

What is Asphalt Plant ? What is Asphalt Plant ? The factory that produces hot asphalt by weighing aggregate, bitumen and mineral fillers and mixing it with accordance to recipe ratios is called asphalt plant. Hot asphalt is the most used road pavement in the world. The reason is resistant to climatic conditions and abrasion […]